Your hands and feet need as much care as your skin and hair. Our relaxing pedicure session helps in relaxing the foot muscles. You get clean and smooth feet. Our manicure service includes French manicure and other treatments for a soft hand.

Sit back, close your eyes while we pamper you with our invigorating manicures & pedicures!

Hand & Leg RadiancePricing INR(*Onwards)
Aroma  Love530*650*
Lime Zest650*750*
Wine Anti-ageing825*925*
Mint Lustre850*950*
Divine Chocolate850*950*
BM Signature Firangipani999*1100*
BM Signature Spa Therapy999*1100*
Heel Therapy1600*
Grooming Nails Pricing (*Onwards)
Change Of Polish 70*
Cut, File & Polish (Normal) 140*
Cut, File & Polish (French) 200*
Gel Polish 950*
Gel Polish Removal 420*

Note: Prices may vary at the time of Salon visit and are subject to change without notice.