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Monsoon means heavy humidity and with this comes the risk of infection. And what’s more infection prone region than our feet itself? So, during the days of rain one has to keep the feet clean, dry and dirt free as much as possible. Moreover, beautiful feet are the impression of one’s personality.
Monsoon is the season when getting a pedicure done is very essential. So let’s talk about the steps to take care of our feet.

Start With Cleaning

You must clean your feet regularly. This is the first most essential steps to be done. With daily cleaning you can keep dirt and possible germs at bay. Use lukewarm water to soak your feet for about ten minutes. You can add drops of essential oil in the water as a relaxing foot soak. Then use a liquid soap or body wash to clean the dirt away.

Scrub Them

This step is extensively important and during rainy season when your feet need extra care, you must add scrubbing to your top priority list. Make sure you scrub your feet with a pumice stone gently. Also you can use foot scrub to remove the dead cells. Scrubbing gives smooth feet.

Moisturize For Extra Care

One of the most important tips to follow is to moisturise your feet properly every night before going to bed. After cleaning, moisturiser seals the moisture and keep your feet soft. It also heals the cracked area of your heel and toes.
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