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So you are facing sensitive skin issues like many? And looking for a solution? Let’s see what beauty tips are effective for sensitive skin type.

Natural Moisturiser

Honey is a super nourishing agent for sensitive skin. For cleansing and healing, honey is a great thing to add in your daily sensitive skin care routine.

Oatmeal Mask

Many of you have sensitive skin, yet oily. In that case oatmeal is the best solution to remove
the excess oil. It also acts as a natural scrubber.

Rose Toner

Apply rose water. It is a natural skin toner that soothes your skin. Rose water also has healing
properties. It maintains the pH level of our skin.

Proper Diet

A balanced diet with right amount of fresh fruits and vegetables help to eliminate the toxic substance of our bodies which ultimately keeps sensitive skin problem free.

Things to avoid

  • Sensitive skin is very delicate. Therefore before you use any new beauty product or cosmetics make sure to do a patch test.
  • Do not wear heavy makeup as sensitive skin is prone to breakout with makeup.


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Written by Roankrick