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With summer begins the journey of struggling with bad hair days.

So why summer takes a toll on hair?

First Comes The Heat:
Heat damages our hair, breaks our hair ends and splits the cuticles, also dries our hair shaft.
Second, Is The Humidity:
Humidity in the air will cause breakage and damages to our hair which is the main cause behind frizziness.
Third, Comes The Wind:
When you are driving or in some vehicles, avoid the wind to get in contact with your hair, the wind carries dust and moisture that tangles your hair.


What Tips To Follow

Applying a leave-in-conditioner every time you shampoo will get smooth, tangle-free hair. Leave-in-conditioner coats hair from harmful UV rays.
Moisturising Shampoo:
Use a moisturizing shampoo that is mild for everyday use. This way even the oily hair women can keep their hair clean daily without any drying effect.
Leave Blow Drying:
Blow drier makes your hair rough in summer. Use natural air to dry your hair.
SPF Hair Serum:
Always use an SPF hair serum when you go out. Use the serum when your hair is semi-dry. Also, do not rub your hair after applying the serum.
Hair Spa Therapy:
Go for an intensive hair spa therapy once or twice a month as per your hair needs that restores the lost moisture of your hair.

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Written by Roankrick