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Yes. A consultation is absolutely necessary as it helps the skin therapist / hairstylist in deciding the roadmap of the treatment or services to be offered. It is at this stage, the client’s needs are identified along with any contraindications if any.

Manage Expectations

Helps to find out more about what to achieve from the services/treatments and help manage expectations. Information provided helps the salon to work in the right direction, deciding in-salon treatments & homecare products.

Personalizing services/treatments

No two clients are same. Everyone’s needs and journeys are different. Consultation helps in personalizing treatment plan according to the individual’s needs.

Building trust

Making sure what you are paying for, what the salon is trying to achieve and to ensure that the services suggested are perfect. This leads to a mutual trust.

Fact Finding Mission

An in-depth consultation allows finding out ideas and needs of the client leading to right recommendations and giving more confidence to the clients.

For hair and skin consultation on color change, flaunting a new look, tackling dry-dull hair/skin reach out on: 0265-2250077, 2311077 / 9726530121

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