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Navratri…Time to remember; time to cherish…but also a combination of late nights, eating out, busy days & visible tired skin. Few things on what we should be eating and using to ensure a fresh and dewy complexion.


Eat well. Include pomegranate, berries, watermelon, spinach and olives – brilliant for skin.


Drink enough to avoid wrinkles, dehydrated look & weakened under-eye skin. Start guzzling now & you will start feeling and looking more awake.

Combat dehydration

Use Hyaluronic moisturizing booster on the damp skin to drive moisture deep into skin. Skeyndor has got an intensive booster apt for combating dehydration.

Wake up your face with an ice bath.

It instantly tightens face making you feel and look awake.

Ace your base

Make friends with lighter base with skin loving benefits. CC creams can be a rescue!

Taking less serving of…metal?

Pop a daily multi vitamin. The required amount depends on your age & sex, so clear the breakdown with your doctor first.

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Written by Beauty Mantra Editor