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So, it is your big day and you are working up every day to get that perfect look. For that stunning Indian bridal makeup, check out the trends and style we offer.

Let your eyes speak

If you are going to communicate with your eyes you need to draw all the attention to your pretty eyes. Dazzling eyeshadows, fake eyelashes and glowing eyeliners are great if you want to create a flattering look. For a bold look, go for smokey eyes with dark shades of liner and shadows.

Contrast or berry lips

Both contrast lip colour and berry tones are great for Indian skin tones. Since wedding is all about bright and rich, a little dark contrast lip colours will be perfect. Go for cherry red, deep pink or shades of berries to give a lift to your lips.

Jewel shine makeup

Jewel shines are the new trend. You can add shining rubies or emerald shades of eyeshadows or a dazzling gold one for highlighting cheekbones. Jewel tones are great with designer bridal wears.

Natural and dewy style

For a fresh and clean look with less makeup, natural pink and peach shades are good for your lips and eyes. It gives your face a classy appearance.

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Written by Roankrick