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Navratri…Time to remember; time to cherish…but also a combination of late nights, eating out, busy days & visible tired skin. Few things on what we should be eating and using to ensure a fresh and dewy complexion. Food Eat well. Include pomegranate, berries, watermelon, spinach and olives – brilliant for skin. Water Drink enough to …

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A time to celebrate, eat, meet and greet! Looking gorgeous comes in our top list. Salon & spa visits become very much essential. An idea of giving the much awaited beauty treats to our self before Diwali is very much prevalent! Top beauty treatments to check for in a salon during festivity… Changing your hair …

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Yes. A consultation is absolutely necessary as it helps the skin therapist / hairstylist in deciding the roadmap of the treatment or services to be offered. It is at this stage, the client’s needs are identified along with any contraindications if any. Manage Expectations Helps to find out more about what to achieve from the …

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