Pampering skin in Monsoon

Monsoon comes as a sign of relief after the harsh summer. But it also gets tons of infections alongwith it due to the damp and humid weather. Certain care, if taken, assures us a healthy skin in monsoon.

Drinking water
Drink as much water as you can.Water consumption hydrates your body and flushes out the toxins.

Use a cream-based cleanser on dry skin and a mild cleanser for oily/combination skin. Regular cleansing is important to keep the skin clean.

Toning is a must. A lot of microbes let loose in monsoon. So a good anti-bacterial toner will go a long way to prevent skin infections and erruptions. For dry skin, toner has to be mild, so that it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Moisturising is as important in monsoon as it in summers. The skin gets wet often and the wetting and drying can lead to dehydration. (yes!) That’s the reason of the itchy feeling. If you get wet often, use a non-water based moisturiser or else water-based is fine.
Besides these, eating healthy food, regular exercising and enough rest keeps your skin glowing. Keep visiting Beautymantra – the salon, for regular beauty treatments. We would be happy to do the consultaion and suggest the right regimen.