Keep your Feet Fit this summer

Summer is in its full swing showing its effect on us. It can be rough on your feet. Your Feet will also feel the scorching heat. Dry & cracked heels may occur year round but they are more likely to trouble you during the hot summers. So it is essential to pamper those worn-out summer feet with these all-natural scrubs & soaks & keeping right dietary approach. Try these to keep your feet soft & healthy throughout.

Refreshing sugar lemon scrub
Combine sugar & oil (olive / coconut) in a clean, dry bowl. Add as much lemon essential oil as preferred & work into feet for about 5 min. Then rinse it. Voila! Your feet just had a refreshing spa like treatment.

A pedicure treatment not only makes your feet look fresh & beautiful but also certain pressures by the trained person helps in making the receiver relaxed. It also helps in removing the dead skin from your feet. One can find one of the best pedicures in Vadodara at Beautymantra – Skin Hair Dayspa.

Bubbly baking soda & Citrus soak
Baking soda can be a true miracle worker when it comes to foot odour. Put one-fourth cup of baking soda in your foot basin and fill with approximately 8 cups of toasty warm water. Squeeze in the juice of one lemon and sink your feet in. Soak for about 15-20 min and then dry completely.

Moisturising chocolate scrub
Chocolate is a great moisturiser when used in a foot scrub. Put half a cup of brown & white sugar with the same amount of cocoa powder. To thicken the consistency of the mixture, add one-fourth cup of coconut oil. Then apply it gently on your feet.

Intake of food rich in Vitamin A, E, Calcium, Iron, Zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids assist the healing of feet skin. Consume carrots, celery, nuts, milk, whole grain bread, yoghurt, fish and flax seeds are some of the good sources. Not to forget water consumption which keeps skin hydrated.This summer take care of your feet with these beauty tips & keep your feet smiling and happy!