• Basic Cuts
  • (The peripherial cut)
  • Advanced Cuts
  • (Add a variety to the existing look )
  • Creative Cuts
  • (Change your look by adapting the creative edge cut designed specially for you)
  • Bangs
  • (Soften the look with few fringes & voila…celebrate a new you!)
  • Shampoo + conditioning
  • Flat blowdry
  • Styling blowdry
  • Ultimate blowdry
  • Ironing / Crimping / Tongs

  • Hair Smoothening
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Rebonding
  • Hair Keratin
  • Perming

  • Root Touchup & Global Hair Colour
  • Classic
    Ammonia Free
  • Highlighting
  • Global
  • Colour Change
  • (Looking for a haircolour makeover or an even-tone in the hair, Colour change service is highly recommended.It could be the latest Ombre or Baylage look or a new tinge in the hair. A new fashionable look is just a call away.)

  • Head Massage + steam
  • (Nourishing/Olive oil indian head massage)
  • Deep conditioning
  • (Hydrates dry/frizzy hair)
  • Innerspa
  • (An effective antidandruff treatment)
  • Relaxing Hairspa
  • (Pampering while treating! anti hairfall / Smooth shine spa)
  • Protein treatment
  • (A treatment for dry & damaged hair which helps infusing keratin)

  • Hair braiding with beads
  • (Choose from a wide variety of colourful beads.)
  • Coloured Extensions
  • (Want to get that perfect purple or pink…Just add a ready extension & get the desired shade.)
  • Hair Shimmer
  • (Add a zing to your hair in almost no time!)
  • Fancy/customised hair extensions – with feathers beads figurines etc
  • (For a special occasion or need, customised extensions can be made to order using beautiful beads & feathers.)